Why visit Valletta?

Winter sun! With the journey just under three hours from the UK you can be in the sunshine very quickly. And, Malta uses the Euro meaning this is a holiday destination with no added stress. With resorts such as St Paul's Bay all close by, you can have the best of both worlds here, with sunbathing and culture all in easy reach.

When should I visit?

The weather remains mild, but between September and late November there are fewer tourists and you can get some good flight and hotel deals. Moreover, April to June is a good choice as the weather again is not too hot and there will be less tourists.


Visit the tunnels that connect the Lascaris War Rooms; an important Headquarters for Malta where the defences for the island were conducted during World War Two.
                                                                                                                Malta's history is worth exploring 
                                                                                                                Malta's history is worth exploring 
Make sure you are at Battery Street at Noon for the daily Saluting Battery cannon fire; if you want to learn more about this ritual get there half an hour where you will be told more about this historical event. Make sure you saunter Valletta's waterfront, watch the cruise ships come and go, people watch and have a bite to eat. There are lots of hills in Valletta, so My Big Tip, is to take the lift up to the city centre from the waterfront. It is an impressive design, and you will get awesome views!
                                                                          For 1 Euro you don't have to climb the hills ... and you will get stunning views too! 
                                                                          For 1 Euro you don't have to climb the hills ... and you will get stunning views too! 
Take the Fun Train and see the sights from the comfort of your seat; you will travel through beautiful side streets as you admire the city's impressive architecture. The Fun Train also operates in nearby Rabat and the seaside village of Bugibba.  Don't forget to visit St John's Co-Cathedral, one of Valletta's most important treasures and must be visited during a visit, particularly as some believe it to be one of the greatest cathedrals in the world. It's interior is a complete art gallery - you will be stopped in your tracks with the painting of The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist. Also, the floor is lined with about 400 marble tombstones of previous knights! I know, simply amazing!  Another must-do is to visit the nearby island of Gozo. This island is a distinct contrast to Malta and is a must if you can. Malta tour companies organise excursions to Gozo, including hotel pick-up/drop-off and ferry transfer (around 25 minutes) at a fair price.

Local traditions?

Malta's Festival Mediterranea takes place every Autumn on Gozo.; the festival celebrates the local customs from the island. This ranges from classical music, history and art. All festivities are free and next year's event is expected between the middle of October and the middle of November
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