Why visit Tirana?

The capital of Albania is funky. Check out the city's unusual pyramid and learn about the personal reason for it being built; Tirana is as great and a cheaper option to Ibiza for a clubbing break - check out the Blloku distict for the best selection. Look out for the unusual gemoetric patterns, painted buildings in multi colours, street art graffiti and murals which are scattered through the city. With its stunning beauty and summer warmth a trip to Albania should not be overlooked. and the country is seeing growing popularity particularly as you can obtain some excellent holiday deals in locations as good as the Greek Islands.

When should I visit?

Between April and May or September to October are good times as it is not too hot.


Visit BunkArt1, located in a sunterannean bunker, to learn about the regimes of the Albanian Communist Army and how communism impacted the lives of locals, and BunkArt2, reveals secrets from the Albanian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the political police. More revelations can be found in The House of Leaves, The Museum of Secret Surveillance, where you can learn about the former secret communist police.  There are also delights to view outside of Tirana:  the largest lagoon in Albania, Karavasta Lagoon, and part of Divjakë Karavasta National Park, will take you back to nature with pelicans, flamingos and beautiful forests all in one place. The Albanian Alps are perfect for hiking,  mountain biking and with numerous lakes found here watersports including kayaking. 

Local traditions?

Every March, Albania hosts the National Festival of Urban Folk Songs; every town and village gets involved. Traditional songs are celebrated at the same time as making them current for today.
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