Why visit Tel Aviv?

You can celebrate the past and present here! By day, touring relics like Jaffa is a must, but by night you can go clubbing into the early hours. And, when you are ready to fall into blissful sleep there are some contemporary chic hotels here which won't give you nightmares of breaking the bank. Jaffa, the Old City, is over 3,000 years old and with narrow and twisting streets you will step instantly into the past. Bustling bizarres and awesome views from ancient treasures such as Peak Garden. But, as sun sets, let the contemporary beats transport you to Tel Aviv's night scene. Pasaz, Bootleg and The Breakfast Club are all great choices for an awesome night out.

When should I visit?

Planning when to visit is essential to avoid the religious holidays which can shut everything down. You also want to avoid the rainy season. May will bring warm temperatures, beautiful sunshine and everything runs as normal.


The beaches here are stunning, and surf is most definitely up with great waves. Caesarea Beach is a Number One choice and what's more there are remains of a Roman aqueduct close by.

Local traditions?

Go rollerblading! Every Tuesday evening is Rollerblading Day in Tel Aviv: the locals gather in the White City area to speed down the historic, narrow streets. Can you keep up?
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