Why visit Tallinn?

Thanks to Estonia providing the most awesome adrenaline rush, Tallinn is perfect for stag dos. Enjoy the 120m zip line at Hallikivi Adventure Park; take paintball to the next level by competing from abandoned cars in a forner Russiam Military unit in Harju County; ride motor sleds into the forest and winterwonderland at Toosikannu Holiday Centre; tour the KGB Museum and take in the uniforms, cameras and spy gear and enjoy beers in Town Hall Square.

When should I visit?

Depends what you want! The colder winter months run between December and March with shorter days and temperatures in the day dropping to -8 degrees C and at night can drop to -23 degrees C. But, with the best thermals packed, the snowy scenery can only add to the adventure. Saying that, late Estonian Spring and Summer bring longer days and temperatures averaging 20 degrees C in the daytime and with barely any darkness there will be more adventure to be had!!!


Climb St Olav's Church Tower and get fabulous views of the city. Marvel at Alexander Nevsky Cathedral's stunning Russian achitecture and explore the beautiful interior mosaics and icons. Take a day away from the city and see the power of nature at the Jägala Waterfall, observe the endless beauty at Lahemaa National Park and superb views across the Baltic Sea from Altja Cove.

Local traditions?

Tallinn hosts its Craft Beer Weekend from 1st and 2nd May 2020 - great dates for a stag do!
                                                                                           A visit to Estonia is the perfect location for an outdoor adventure 
                                                                                           A visit to Estonia is the perfect location for an outdoor adventure 
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