Why visit Saint Lucia?

It has quite probably the most photographed landscape on Planet Earth! The Pitons, two jagged volcanic formations are located here, and they have to be seen to be believed. I mean, wow!

When should I visit?

May and June are perfect months to visit St Lucia. The weather is warm, there are good resort rates and you are out of the notorious hurricane season.


Board a catamaran along the coast to see the Pitons up-close. Take a drive through the drive-in volcano; see the sulphur rings; enjoy the warm Caribbean Sea and soak up the sun on a perfect beach. Try Labrelotte Bay, it's Simply The Best!

Local traditions?

The Saint Lucia Carnival turns the volume up on the quiet Caribbean island every year with drums, feathers, beads and lots of local music. Next year's festival takes place between 20th and 21st July.
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