Why visit Santiago?

When The World Gets Simple Again South America should be on your wish list as there are plenty of deals to be found here. Although, you can fly direct from London Heathrow Terminal 5, this  may comes at a considerable cost. This is important within this region particularly as airlines such as KLM and Emirates are offering 'Fifth Freedom Routes' whereby the Airline operates a flight between its home country and a foreign location, with a further flight to a second international country . This means the airline offers seats on the shorter and longer routes both ways, and with it unlikely the entire flight will be full on the shorter connections, there are some great deals to be found here. Therefore, Fifth Freedom Routes have changed the world of travel: for instance, you could travel via Amsterdam and Buenos Aires with KLM, via Dubai and Rio De Janeiro with Emirates, via Madrid and Rio de Janeiro with Iberia, via Madrid and Buenos Aires with Iberia, and via Madrid and Rio de Janeiro with Iberia and Emirates . With Emirates flying from London Stansted to Dubai with reasonable prices, KLM also offering connections from London City with fair prices, in a region where internal connections can be expensive, these options make travel easier here.
Saniago is fast becoming popular with business travellers who are visiting possibly the strongest economic city in South America for work and are able to see the area with an add-on holiday too, as well as tourists who are flocking to the city for culture, sport or both.
With contemporary skyscrapers contasting the historic centre of Plaza Del Armas in a perfect blend, it is easy to see why this city is loved so much by the millions who visit every year. But with the shadowy peaks of The Andes mountain range hovering in the backround offering hiking, adventure and skiing holidays there are so many opportunities to be found in the mountains alone. Moreover, in recent years skiing has become as popular as visiting some of Eurpe's most famous resorts as with the season between mid July to early Setember , the sport is not restriicted to the winter months and as Santiago offers fine culture with exhilarating thrills you can have the best of both worlds. There is a good selection of resorts too, whilst La Paura is a good choice as it is quieter, the constant bustle of Valle Nervado may be a good choice as it is the largest. Both are around 90 minutes from Santiago International Airport.
Moreover, the region offers some splendid vineyards perfect for those wine connoisseurs who want to sample some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon from across the area.
Beautiful squares scattered across Santiago make this city a great choice as well as perfect locations for events. 
Beautiful squares scattered across Santiago make this city a great choice as well as perfect locations for events. 
Santiago's stunning architecture
Santiago's stunning architecture

When should I visit?

Chile, like all South American countries, has a warm climate all year round, however, visiting in the Autumn months, September to November, or Spring, March through to May, are good choices as there are less crowds.


The city's most historical locations are located near the stunning Plaza Del Armas, which is lined with bars and restaurants. Check-out the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Central Post Office and The Royal Court Palace. Also, a visit to the city's Metropolitan Park is a must; ride the cable-car for impressive views across to the Andes, marvel at the country's many treasures at The National Museum Of The Arts and soak-in the natural beauty at Maipo Canyon as well their thermal springs.

Local traditions?

A variety of performing arts takes place across the city every January; during a three week period over 100 shows will be performed at various parks and squares to mesmerize the passing tourist, Fantastic!
ItsSimpleWorld visited Santiago before the Coronavirus epidemic. Currently many countries have travel restrictions in place. So for now, stay safe, observe social distancing, wash your hands often and plan ahead for When The World Gets Simple Again.