Why visit Rome?

Roman holiday!!! Explore the Forum, tour The Colosseum, wander Roman catacombs and be impressed in The Pantheon ... there are plenty of Roman relics to enjoy here. Oh, and you can jump to another country without taking the plane with a visit to The Vatican City full of beautiful treasures to marvel at such as The Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Square.

When should I visit?

Between April to June or September to October are great choices; the sun should be out, it is unlikely to be hot, there will be less tourists and you will may be able save some money which is good as Rome can be expensive.


Try to save money by booking a day excursion covering all the must-sees. You will be transported around the city, jump the queues and your guide will be able to show and discuss noteworthy points you may miss on your own. For those who want a more relaxing trip, saunter through Piazza Del Popolllo to artistic Piazza Navona. Oh, and not forgetting Via del Corso is shopping heaven!

Local traditions?

Snow in August? The The Festa della Madonna Della Neve celebrates the legend of snow being brought by magic in the Virgin Mary in 4th Century marking where the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore should be built. The festival anually reinacts the vision a married couple had from the Virgin Mary on one summer's night as to the magical blizzard leading to the chapel being built ... let there be snow in Rome!
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