Why visit Phoenix?

Adventure in the The Sonoran Desert and The Grand Canyon ... or is that Mars? ! With it being one of the lushest deserts in the world, you are guaranteed to see cactuses and wildflowers here. Its vastness means you won't see it all but there a few ways you can get up close with the endless gorge sculpted by the Colorado River. Take a jeep ride across the desert to get to see areas other vehicles can't get too. For more extravagent experiences go horseback riding or take to the skies in a hot air balloon to get the most perfect view, even more so at sunset or sunrise.

When should I visit?

Arizona has warm weather all year round so there is no specific time to visit. However, for those who want toasting warmth visit between November and March when temperatures can hit 40 degrees C!


The Desert Botanical Garden is a fascinting attraction in Phoenix; covering 140 acres you can learn how the garden is maintained in the sapless desert. A visit to Papago Park will take you to the unusual geological formation The Hole In The Rock. In Downtown Phoenix, contained in a building dating back to 1894 is Rosson House Museum located in Heritage Square houses the story of Phoenix.

Local traditions?

The Phoenix Film Festival takes place every April and it has a huge following across America.

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