Why Visit Orkney ?

History fans will love The Orkney Islands, thanks to their impressive sights on offer. Skara Brae Prehistoric Village is one of Europe's finest surviving villages, dating to the Neolithic Period. With the Monument pre-dating StoneHenge, a trip here will not disappoint. Highlights include stone tables, dressers and seats. Also on Orkney's Archipelago is the romantic Ring of Brodgar, one of the United Kingdom's finest examples of a stone circle. With thirty-six stones and thirteen burial mounds there is plenty of explore here. What's more, a visit to Orkney's capital, Kirkwall, is a must for any historian; Saint Mungos Cathedral should be your first stop. Dedicated to The Earl Of Orkney, the stunning building is in Romanesque style making it one of Kirkwall's notable buildings. No more so than the red and yellow sandstone exterior, so pack your camera. 
These islands are a great way to get away from everything, and perfect for hiking.  What better trail to take than a stroll to Marwick Head for stunning views? Canoe enthusiasts will love Scapa Flow, a sheltered stretch of sea that stretches between Mainland Scotland and the Islands: it is the perfect place for beginners and the more experienced to enjoy the water.
Of course, climbers come here too, but one spectaclar climb is at The Old Man Of Hoy, a 448 foot stack, on The Island of Hoy, and the oldest stack in the United Kingdom.
Skara Brae Prehistoric Village
Skara Brae Prehistoric Village
The Ring Of Brodgar
The Ring Of Brodgar

When should I visit?

Whilst log summer days mean the adventures on offer here can be really enjoyed, June is a good choice, thanks to what the locals call the 'Summer Dim': non-stop daylight as the ayys lead up to the Summer Solstice. The Autumn months is a good season to see seals and their pups; check-out the island of Ronaldsay for some good sightings.


What is an unexpected delight is The Italian Chapel, bringing Mediteranean wonders to Scotland. The Chapel was built by Italian Prisoners of War during World War Two. Inside, you will find marvellous fresoes and beautiful paintings. Go island-jumping with visits to Papa Westray for its folk museum and Brough of Birsay for several ancient settlements. Learn about the Islands chequered history at Orkney Museum in Kirkwall. Also in the capital is The Wireless Museum which charts the importance of this form of communication during World War Two. Kirkwall also has the ruins of two palaces.
The Italian Chapel
The Italian Chapel

Local traditions?

Every summer The Sheep Festival takes place on the island of North Ronaldsay, where locals and people from all over the world gather to restore dry stone dykes around the shoreline to protect the islands seaweed eating sheep! The festival normally takes place in July or August.
ItsSimpleWorld visited Orkney before the Coronavirus epidemic. Currently many countries have travel restrictions in place. So for now, stay safe, observe social distancing, wash your hands often and plan ahead for When The World Gets Simple Again.
ItsSimpleWorld visited Orkney before the Coronavirus pandemic. Stay At Home; Wash Your Hands Often; Observe Social Distancing and Save Lives.

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