Why visit New York?

It is the city that never sleeps! Marvel at the sky scrapers, wander Central Park, take in the sparkle that is Times Square and, not forgetting, it's my favourite city ever!

When should I visit?

July and early August the city is likely to become very humid so these are months to avoid. Late Autumn and early Winter is a great time to visit as the city gears up for Halloween and as New York as is the Capital Of Christmas there are spectacular window displays to marvel at and ice-skating at Rockefeller Centre. Don't fall over!


Take a boat trip from Pier 15, 78 South Street and snap the Statue of Liberty; queue up (I know but it is a tourist MUST in New York) in Time's Square and buy discounted Broadway tickets and see a show; walk TheSkyline and pop into my fave New York bar The Glass House (say hi from me!) on 242 W 47th Street. Friends fans MUST have a selfie outside Mon and Joey's apartment and those wanting to get Carried into Sex and The City, the Tour is a no-brainer.

Local traditions?

New Year's Eve is huge in New York with the build-up to a ball dropping onto the Square at Midnight. To participate, you must queue and arrive very early on 31st December. The ritual is televised and generally all bars and restaurants will screen it; you must book in advance and make sure you are given a voucher to enter.
                                                                                                                     Central Park & New York skyline
                                                                                                                     Central Park & New York skyline

Travel tip?

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