Why visit Lisbon?

With a flight time of just under three hours from the United Kingdom, Lisbon is a grear choice for a short or weekend break. In fact, with so much on offer there may not be enough time to see everything. That's not a bad thing, as Lisbon is an enchanting city, that you will want to come back over and over again.
Many tourists come to the area to enjoy the beach resorts such as Estoril, whereas others will enjoy sauntering the museums the city offers. For instance, The Museum Of Art, Architecture and Technology offers numerous techno-grabbing exhibits from around the globe. What's more, the building it is housed in is an exhibit itself with its futuristic architecture. Art fans will love the treasure-trove that is Lisbon's National Museum Of Art. Don't forget before you go to take-in the stunning series of paintings 'The Panels of Saint Vincent'. Whether it is sandy beaches or intruiging attractions, one museum which should be visited whatever the holiday is The Museum Of Fado which informs on the music and dance central to Portugese culture, and is performed at venues country-wide.
Another reason to visit Portugal's capital is for the vineyards which are located close-by in the region. So, if you are looking for new wines to add to your collection, a visit here is a must! Case Santos is a great choice as a trip here will take you to the open countryside, as well as getting your tastebuds tantilised as well as your creditcard too!
What's more, Lisbon remains on UK time, meaning less confusion as to time changes, and it is easier to keep in touch with friends at home. Another reason why Lisbon should be on your list.

When should I visit?

March through to May is an excellent time to visit as Spring will have sprung and Portugal is full of colourful flowers between late March and early June. No more so than in the Parque Eduardo V!! or the city's Botanic Gardens where extra--special displays can be seen. The summer months are very hot, a season not good for sightseeing, but it is still a good choice to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Praia De Carcauflos, Costa Da Conceiano and Praia Das Magas. For easy sightseeing, the Autumn months are a great choice between September and early December. The weather ramains warm, but not too hot, and it also remains mostly sunny.


On arrival, a priority is to ride Tram 28 to get a quick idea as to where the main sights are located. You are also guaranteed great holiday snaps from a distance and away from the bustling crowds. A visit to Lisbon's Cathedral, otherwise known as Se Cathedral will show you a miracle, as the country's oldest church has survived many eartquakes including the notorious earthquake of 1775. Late afternoons should be spent wandering the Alfama District, the oldest area of the city, full of winding alleyways, narrow streets and fantastic opportunities to people-watch in bars and cafes neatly tucked away.  Also, a must is the city's Jewish quarter; be captivated by the the artchitecture and learn about the social development of the area.  In the early evening enjoy the hustle and bustle of Lisbon' Docks, where you can also find numerpous restaurants, perfect to relax and enjoy the evening balmy sunshine.  You can also enjoy a spot of tennis too! And end your day or stay at Topo Balem with the perfect cocktail mix ... the city skyline illuminated under the stars ... oh,, and enjoy a cocktail too!   
Lisbon's Jewish Quarter
Lisbon's Jewish Quarter

Local traditions?

Sea Food & Eat It! Well, you can every March with Lisbon's annua seafood festival Praca Do Comerico. You can also get inspiration from demonstrations by Michelin -starred chefs.
ItsSimpleWorld visited Lisbon before the Coronavirus epidemic. Currently many countries have travel restrictions in place. So for now, stay safe, observe social distancing, wash your hands often and plan ahead for When The World Gets Simple Again.

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