Why visit Larnaca?

It's simply the city that is going to change the tourism market in 2021. The area around Atlantidon 2 and the nearby marina is set to be revitalised with brand new hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants. And with Cyprus becoming an increasingly popular travel destination thanks to low budget flights, this renovation will make the city even more attractive to holiday makers.

When should I visit?

Cyprus has all-year round sunshine. However, May and June are good months to choose as it's not too hot.


There are plenty of excursion companies in Larnaca that offer day tours to Northern Cyprus (Turkish territory) where you can visit the ghost town of Famagusta . The Troodos Mountains are also a popular excursion for tourists visiting Larnaca; if you hire a car you can have a fabulous day here. A stop off in Kakopetria for its waterfall should be included in your plans. Of course, the divided city of Nicosia should be visited too. A trip to Larnaca's salt lake is the perfect way to soak up the rays and is also a lovely picnic spot.

Local traditions?

Green Monday is a great time to visit Larnaca as carnival fever hits Cyprus. The event takes place at the beginning of Lent and there is live music, dancing and vegetarian food and it is celebrated in the majority of towns and villages across the island.

Travel tip?

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