Why visit Honolulu?

Located on Hawaii's Big Island, Kuhio Beach Park is simply a paradise with a long sandy beach in front of a volcanic backdrop. This is the main beach and is close to Honolulu's larger hotels, all the locals hang out here too. The Pacific water is perfect for a swim, though watch out for the surfers and kayakers!

When should I visit?

The best times to visit are the first three weeks of April, May, September and October when the islands are less busy. You can enjoy the serenity the beaty Hawaii encompasses and the holiday will be less stressful as the hotel rates may be cheaper :).


If you can drag yourself off the beach, there is plenty to see in Honolulu. Take a boat to see one of Hawaiii's most beautifiul waterfalls, Waimea. A visit to Pearl Harbour is a must, spend time at the Pacific National Monument and take a guided tour to visit the USS Arizona Memorial. Before you depart, make sure you go snorkelling and get up close and personal with turtles! It's awesome!

Local traditions?

June 11th every year is King Kamehameha Day and there are carnivals, concerts and a party feel across the islands.

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                                                                                                                It is paradise in Honolulu everyday. 
                                                                                                                It is paradise in Honolulu everyday. 
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