13th July: Why The Coronavirus Makes Us Look Closer To Home.

“Are you worried about the Coronavirus?” My friend Jan asked me back in February. My response? Although, the passenger next to me on a recent flight was wearing one, and I had seen the news, I wasn’t sure how this would play out, particularly in the United Kingdom. I also was not sure that we would see lockdowns like other countries in the world.
However, we did have a similar lockdown and it has has effected all of us. I have recorded some of my experiences in my anxiety course as part of my sister life coaching business.
Just as we have all been affected by the pendemic, it has affected the travel industry. Reports suggest in the U.K. alone the tourist industry will be crippled by a 22 billion loss. Further research suggests the global tourist industry could be affected by a $1.2 trillion loss.
The problem I see it is it is we all long for a holiday but that does not transcend the concern about flying and if you do fancy leaving the country, even though the Government have created air corridors, it may not give freedom in destinations you hope for. And you could be returning to lockdown on arrival with an enforced 14 day quarantine. And of course, if you do travel, the safety level of the corridor may change overnight meaning it may be tough to get home.
Whilst the air corridors are an excellent idea, the United Kingdom Government’s details are rather confusing as the country lists vary between the Department of Transport and the Foreign Office as to where you can go.
So, what is the simple answer? I hate to say it, I know the airlines and travel companies are having an extremely difficult time, but holidaying at home may seem the best option until the world gets simple again. You could have a home vacation completely, going to local attractions such as zoos or museums and they desperately need our support. Or travelling to another area of the United Kingdom could be an option. Cornwall is clearly popular, but don’t forget the Lake District is also a good choice. I have many family memories there as well as walking in Wales ( I moaned allot about it at the time, well I was seven, but, I long to go back.) And, don’t forget when it is possible to, there are so many Scottish delights. You will get a warm welcome in Edinburgh; Aberdeen has some stunning beaches and Orkney is the perfect place for an adventure.
So, whilst the Coronavirus has brought about a limited world, it has opened up for us Brits our home and the things we may have overlooked.
Until I blog again, Chris:)