ItsSimpleRating ****

This Hotel will guarantee you a warm welcome and a fabulous stay. The confusing aspect and a negative is that you are provided with a bracelet to wear even if you are not all inclusive, so staff can determine who are hotel guests as the hotel wants you to either put drinks on your room or pay with a card. This made no sense to me, as it would make guests from nearby resorts not feel welcome, I mean, who wants to put one drink on a card? Moreover, guests should have a choice in how they pay.  Talking about  money, I did find it confusing outside the Hotel what currency local bars took.  Some were happy with US dollars, others preferred the Mexican Peso.
If you want to avoid this confusion, you can quite easily retreat to the Lobby Bar - I enjoyed several cocktails here and it is a fab place to catch-up with other guests. I had a great chat with a couple from Chicago - hi guys!
The Hotel is in a superb location with access to the stunning Playa Gaviota Azul beach and within easy reach of the nearby shopping mall and other restaurants. Even though you can get some good deals outside, the Hotel prices are not expensive. In fact, The Aquarium Café restaurant buffet was a very good price and had a fantastic selection of salads, breads, soup great Mexican and international main courses and fantastic deserts. If that does not suit your tastebuds, there are three other choices.
The Hotel is a city with 435 rooms; I don’t mind a long walk but when it was to Reception 6 times in 20 minutes because the battery in the lock stopped working I was frustrated. The room was unremarkable, apart from the surprising addition of a kitchen which lined the rear wall. Whilst I see it may be helpful to be able to cook, when you are in Mexico with stunning beaches and bars and restaurants nearby along with excellent prices I am surprised. I can’t see myself jumping off a sunbed to wizz up a casserole!! Nevertheless, the selection of tumblers was a welcome extra as so many 4 and 5 star Hotels the offering is a plastic cup. 
The room was dated, and I thought the mish-mash of furniture made the room feel cluttered and did not work.  Moreover, the bathroom is not what you would expect from a four star hotel. The shower was old fashioned, took forever to work but the products were a welcome addition.   The complimentary wifi was the slowest Ive ever experienced. But the bed was one of the comfiest i have come across. You will get a good nights sleep here.
I loved the pool area, it is very family friendly and the pool bar looking out on the the most stunning beach I have ever come across makes this Hotel extra special. A key element which I loved and made the Hotel made memorable was the quirky extras scattered across the Hotel complex, like statues and book libraries.  Once here you will visit Krystal Cancun again and again.  I guarantee it!

Wonderfully comfortable bed ... bliss!

The kitchen was a confusion, a distraction and didn't make the room feel relaxing. 

The shower was not up to a 4 star level.

The Lobby Bar was a great addition.

The food offered in The Aquarium Café restaurant buffet was of an excellent standard and extremely good value. 

It has a pool with  a view!!!! 

The Hotel's quirky features make this place exra special.