Why visit Bucharest?

Dracula country! Magical Bran Castle in Transylvania is a must, particularly as it is a national monument.

When should I visit?

The summer months are hot in Romania, so April to June and September to November are good choices.


Open Bucharest's story and follow each chapter of its progression at Sutu Palace, one of the city's oldest residences. Housed in the city's forner Postal Services Palace, learn about the history of Romania at the National History of Museum of Romanian History. Take in the changing architecture across the city's skyline the stunning Palace of Parliament;one of the world's largest buildings, Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest's concert hall and the marvelous People’s Salvation Cathedral. Amble through the city's beautiful parks of Cișmigiu Gardens with a beautiful selection of majestic fountains and enjoy Carol Park with its French design it is the perfect green oasis.

Local traditions?

Caru’ cu Bere, Located in The Old Town, is a favourite taverna for locals. Enjoy local ales and sample Mttitei, grilled sausages.
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