Why visit Bucharest?

Dracula country! Magical Bran Castle in Transylvania is a must, particularly as it is a national monument.

When should I visit?

The summer months are hot in Romania, so April to June and September to November are good choices.


Saunter through one-hundred-and-fifty years of history at Sutu Palace, one of the city's oldest residences. Housed in a former Postal Services Palace, the National History of Museum of Romanian History gives an excellent history of the country. Amble through Cișmigiu Gardens with a beautiful selection of majestic fountains and enjoy Carol Park with its French design and perfect green oasis.

Local traditions?

Caru’ cu Bere, Located in The Old Town, is a favourite taverna for both residents and tourists. Enjoy local ales and sample Mttitei ... to you and m grilled sausages.

Travel tip?

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