Why use itssimpleworld.com?

I love travel; the world out there is ready to explore along with new experiences. In fact, travel has made me who I am. I am more confident and aware of what I want in life. That’s partly where I became interested in self-help and set up my other business Direct Action Life Coach Services.
After I lost my Dad, I decided life was too short and it should be lived. So, I went travelling. My first trip was to Iceland, and I have a photo of an insecure me, leaving on that first trip and in a year I had found confidence and put that into my personal life. For instance, it was stressful navigating foreign airports and I remember a very stressful experience being lost in Barcelona and not being able to find my hotel. These experiences were not pleasant but I got through them and , in turn, applied the skills to my personal and professional life. In twelve months I had visited Reykjavik, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Athens, Orkney, Bath, Galway, Copenhagen, Prague, Barcelona, Brussels, Paris and ended up in New York which included day trips to Washington and Boston. Fantastic experiences were made and are now logged in photo albums stacked on my booksheves in my lounge, and a map which my Mum bought me which routes my original journey and now hangs on my bedroom wall. It was a journey: it made me who I am today.
                                                                                                            Me heading to Reykjavik, January 2006 
                                                                                                            Me heading to Reykjavik, January 2006 
I love the idea that there is something going on somewhere right now and I want to be apart of it. At the same time I don’t want it to break the bank. Whether it’s using budget airlines wherever in the world, airline membership schemes (it's a myth you have to pay out allot to use their points - I could only visit Australia with the purchase of points or using points on a code share flight only accessible via the club) hotel schemes and non direct flights. I know which websites to use for the best deals; where to get the best discounts and where and where not to go.
I have previously worked as a freelance travel writer, and some of my work included European travel features. With this work I undertook extensive research about a destination. From this, I know how to save money and the traps not to fall into. Please note, some non-European locations featured are based on research only and others were vacation destinations.
For instance, Nice, in my opinion, can cash in its exclusive stylish name and hotels, and even the most prominent three stars can be expensive. I also know what to expect from a room advertised at a certain price and what could be viewed as over priced. Because of my intensive research both as a writer and a traveller, I believe I have/can provide extensive travel knowledge. Some cities or locations, for instance Nice, Budapest , Tallinn, Palma and Prague may have more less familar and surprising reasons to visit and it is exciting to uncover. I am also aware of changing trends: for instance, growing interest in the Seychelles leading to more luxury resorts being offered and Mykonos seeing numerous new spa hotels.
Having extensive knowledge about travel is more important than ever as the holiday market is in a state of turmoil because of Brexit. We have seen tour operators collapse, so we all need to be more organised and aware when making our holiday arrangements.
I can help you with this for you through providing a service that advises and organises your holiday for you, ensuring that your holiday operates as planned, you save money, get as much out of your vacation as possible and I will give you the best suggestions on where to stay, what to do and when to do it.

When should I use itssimpleworld.com?

Whenever you are booking as holiday! The/My business operates Fridays and Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays, 8 30 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be additional days at various times of the year. Check out the website for the weeks operational days.

My must-sees?

I had The Best time holidaying in Australia. LOL, in all honesty, I thought I was only visiting Singapore on a long weekend, but when I got there, being me, and knowing I was only eight hours a way from Sydney, I applied for the Tourist Visa and took a flight ... as you do! But it was cheaper than returning another time. It’s all about saving money remember! (Singapore was fab too!) Seeing the Sydney Opera House was just incredible and being a Neighbours fan, visiting THE STREET near Melbourne was  a-mazing. It was one huge adventure I won't forget, with a trip to Perth, Brisbane (a fab city - PLEASE visit if you are heading  Down Under) and Darwin .
                                                                          After getting over my jet-lag, visiting the Sydney Opera House was the first Must-Do in Sydney.  
                                                                          After getting over my jet-lag, visiting the Sydney Opera House was the first Must-Do in Sydney.  

                                                                     OMG!  I missed the latest instalment, but that was because I was heading to Erinsborough! 
                                                                     OMG!  I missed the latest instalment, but that was because I was heading to Erinsborough! 
New York has to be visited at least once in your lifetime. Arriving at JFK and seeing the Brooklyn Bridge in front as you travel into Manhattan is mega - exciting as well as the bustle and extravagance of Times Square and Broadway.
                                                                                                Central Station in New York, my favourite place in the City. 
                                                                                                Central Station in New York, my favourite place in the City. 
Rome has to be one of my favourite cities because of its history and architecture. It really is a beautiful city, I've been several times and each time I'm always captivated as though it's my first visit.  I’m actually going back with L and S  later this month, so it will probably happen again! I'm really hoping to get to see the Colosseum this time! I say that, as when I visited with my Mum neither of us knew how big a beer was in Rome and ordered large ones before the tour. We didn’t get to complete our visit as we were rushing around for a bathroom!!!    I also met my friendJan from Seattle on a day trip from Rome to Florence and I see her regularly, so, if I hadn’t joined the day trip,  there wouldn’t have been a new friendship. So, you never know who you could meet, people you meet could take you around the world too!
                                                                                      Rome is stunning rain  or shine: The Spanish Steps in the rain.        
                                                                                      Rome is stunning rain  or shine: The Spanish Steps in the rain.        

My must-do rituals?

Riding down the hill from Monte, Funchal, Madeira in a basket was an interesting one! Watching Flamenco in Barcelona was fantastic just for the intense concentration and focus the dancers have. Enjoying the geothermal spas in Reykjavik whilst it was minus 4 degrees is one moment I won’t forget. Oh, and getting involved in Greek dancing on a boat trip to Athens in the late afternoon light is also a moment I will treasure forever, everyone was so welcoming, even if you felt that you were not doing it right, it didn't matter, it was just fun.

How does ItsSimpleWorld work?

Planning To Perfection

I will do an initial consultation over the phone lasting 30 minutes and this is free. This is to find out what exactly you want.
For instance, it could be a special occasion or a last minute city break. I will ask you for a budget and I will provide you an estimate of hours required to plan and book your holiday.
My hourly rate is £80.00: from the outset, from the information you have provided, I will advise you how many hours it will take to suggest three different itineraries. If you are happy with one of my plans, I would require the funds to book your holiday; all vouchers and receipts would be processed and sent to you the same day. You will be informed of any required changes to the plan as soon as possible. I am not responsible for flight cancellations or amy changes upon arrival.

Personal concierge service during your holiday

If you require further help with bookings during your holiday I am available to you whenever you require at £40 per half an hour. You can trust me that you will get an entirely professional service in ensuring you have the perfect holiday.
ChangeNow and make it a simple world through hiring me for your next holiday ... whether beach, city break or adventure.

Corporate bookings?

Do you need business travel arrangements made? I am very happy to discuss any requirements you have: I charge £100 per hour to organise these ittinaries. Please get in touch on n 07544 899681 to discuss now.